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released October 22, 2015



all rights reserved


NYUON Melbourne, Australia


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Track Name: Paranoia
I had a dream I was king!
woke up ain't shit change, so I'm bout to do my thing!
If you know what I mean!
Then do you my dude don't listen to the fiends.

What they know about ya?
Let them all doubt ya!
Not a single fuck is given is the attitude!
Until we up on that E.T altitude!
Check out what I'm bout to do,
Kill it for my fucking crew
You don't even have a clue!

We comprehensive!
now comprehend this, with a pair of lenses!
More extensive, Vision so clear it be tearing your defensive
Have you feeling pensive, while hopping fences!

Ok I'm off track, back to the give and go!
We keep it simple
just in case you didn't know
I do it for me myself and my people,
keep the circle real small like the Beatles

Now levitate, let your soul granulate
to the shape of the fate that your soul gravitates to
Or just face it, It's so basic
All aboard on my pimped out spaceship
Shuttle no rebuttal we'll be gone for the ages,
Never coming back like the yellow pages
TPDIB, I'm the greatest!
Track Name: Way It Goes
Verse 1:
The first time that I saw her,
Wasn't the last I adored her
And I could tell that I wanted her
Every day in my corner

But every time that she walked by,
I would freeze up so shy.
I Didn't know how to say hi,
And to be honest I don't know why.

The first time I approached her,
Every step that I got closer.
I swear my vision got so blurred
And I was lost for all words.

But ever since we got closer,
And ever since I got to know her.
I just wanted to hold her,
Everyday on my shoulder.

And she my baby girl and I know it!
So I'ma show it
yeah she my baby girl and I know!

Verse 2:
The second time that I met her,
Pure beauty in a sweater
I just wanted to protect her
I knew I couldn't forget her

A pretty face with a cute smile
Lit up my day every single time
Made me want to walk down the isle
But not now in a little while

The second time that we hung out
Baby girl taught all about,
All the things I've been missing out
True love there ain't no doubt

So right now I'm thinking what to do?
Steady plotting how to introduce
My sweet heart to my mother now
Oh man she'll be so proud.

Verse 3
When she said that she felt the same
I guess that's when I felt the strain
I guess that's why I felt the pain
When she tore through my heart again
But just right now I can't complain
Coz that's the way it goes
that's the way it goes
when she said that she felt the same
That's the way it goes
Track Name: Bitchu
Verse 1:
I'm out of luck these days
Bored as fuck these days
Had enough of that lazy stuff
So I just grab a puff these days

I'm so gone
With it, I don't know what's wrong!
With me, you told me be strong.
Baby, I'm still holding on
But it won't be long I'll blow like a bomb

I don't know much about these days
Going south these days
Try to doubt these ways
So far in a drought these days

I'm so alone
Kick it, with friends in my dome
Kick it, with friends in my mind
When I write a rhyme,Fit for a dime

I just..
Kill, kill nigga, Strong with the will will
Ain't trill, just bounce for the quick bill
I still got work for a tip drill
MCity girls get it raw cause they got skill

Pick now baby blue or the red pill?
Wake up, you queen of a dead hill!
False hope and image of a free will
Don't come close, get lost cause you still ill

My niggas, you nigga
Roc dope chains get way bigger
More figures, don't biker
Take yours pile up my dinner

Go hard, more richer, Came through,
yeah my home Nile river
Tell yours come fuck with a winner
She don't think twice, I am that nigga

Chorus: x2
All my life I'm living twice as nice
Like bright as lights the price is right
I Might just Go ignite
with more delight in sight
Excite, the likes of mike flight tonight
I'm, High as kites, taking off like
Like dwight and more polite
So get it right, right!
Rap it tight
Until it's ripe. Thrice
Grab the mike and just do it like nike

See chances are, Essentially
Mentally I'm so far gone
Simply on Mars's zone, like cartoons god Daim

Stick to the plan, see his a fan
If you do just you then you'll see you the man
Fuck what they say I just try to be grand
And if they gone hate I just try not to laugh

Oh lord, oh lord, give me the power
To move forward
Give me the power to afford
Every little thing I work for


I need that
Like a fresh new whip that
Go faster then god Daim whip lash
Match that with some all nike kicks that, look so dank
That I rock them with ski masks

God damn I'm a fly ass winner
And if you stay close then you might get a glimmer

Catch me with some high as niggas
Brauds I like With some ass way bigger

My niggas, you nigga
Roc dope chains get way bigger
More figure, don't biker
Take yours pile up my dinner

Go hard, more richer, Came through,
yeah my homeNile river
Tell yours come fuck with a winner
She don't think twice, I am that nigga